Grandmother’s rum cake.

So for years I’ve always looked back with fondness on having my grandmother’s rum cake when me and my siblings would spend the night at her house as a kid. It has always been one of those “special” memories.

Anyway, I have this cousin who’s 15 years older than me and we happened to have a conversation about my now departed grandmother, especially how much of a character she was (she was a hoot, a kid at heart and that’s why she was so much fun).

I mentioned my affinity for grandma’s rum cake.

He busted out laughing.

Unknown to me, she called it her “babysitting cake” and would feed it to any of the grandkids she watched overnight.

She loaded it up with rum when she made it and fed it to us for dessert.

After which we promptly passed out for the night.

Mt mine was blown. I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out until someone pointed it out to me.

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