Foraging for wild edibles

My recommendation is to find a good field guide for your region and/or take a course from a knowledgeable local expert.

Just remember, do note consume ANY plant material that you cannot identify with complete certainty. You only have to be wrong once in order to find yourself in a world of hurt.


I will add more links to online sources as I find them.


Online Resources – Edible Plants


Title of Web site/page URL
“Wilderness Survival: Survival use of Plants – Edibility of Plants”
“ Foraging Database, Edible  & Medicinal Plants”
“Wild Plants Used for Medicine and Food” medicine.html
‘The “Wild Edible  Plants: Promoting Dietary Diversity in Poor Communities of Lebanon” project’
“Montana Plant Life – Flora and Identification ofEdible,  Medicinal and Poisonous Plants”
“Edible wild  plants”
“Eat The Weeds  by Green  Deane,  the most watched forager in the world”
“Edible Wild Food, Recipes  | Edible  Weeds  | Identification, Pictures, Foraging”
“Guide to Common Edible  Wild Plants” common-edible-wild-plants.html
“Wild Food Adventurer Newsletter – Edible  WildPlants, North America” ml#Wild%20Concepts
“Wild Food Foragers – For those who delight in theCulinary and Medicinal Uses of Weeds”


Online Resources – Weeds



Title of Web site/page URL
“Global Compendium of Weeds”
“Weed Science  at the University of Illinois: WeedIdentification”
“Weed Science  at the University of Illinois” sPhotoGallery
“NCSU TurfFiles Decision Aids – Turf & Weed ID”
“Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide: identification of common weeds  and weed seedlings found throughout Virginia and the Southeastern U.S”
“Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide: Wildflowers”
“Early Spring  Weeds  of No-till Crop Production” CR614.pdf (PDF)
“Weeds of the North Central States”
“Takinogawa Gobo; a Common Weed or ValuableEdible” gobo-a-common-weed-or-valuable-edible/
“Wonderful World  of Weeds” By Lynn  Smythe


Online Resources – Wildflowers, Herbs, and Other Plants



Title of Web site/page URL
“Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States”
“Wild Mountain Herbs  of Tennessee, NorthCarolina and Georgia” http://www.appalachia-
“Alternative Nature Online  Herbal: Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Finding and using  wild  herbs”
“Southeastern Flora:  Southeastern US PlantIdentification Resource”
“Alderleaf Wilderness College  Plant Identification: A Practical Approach” identification.html
“Plant Encyclopedia – Plant & Flower  Names, Pictures, Plant Identification –”
“PlantFiles: The Largest Plant IdentificationReference Guide  – Dave’s Garden”
“Learn to Identify Plants”
“Ways to Identify Native American Plants” native-american-plants.html


Online Resources – Wildflowers, Herbs, and Other Plants cont.’d



Title of Web site/page URL
“What Makes Wild Plants Special?” (From  The WildVegan  Cookbook by “Wildman” Steve Brill)
“International Rewilding Discussion Forum  – Index”
“Wilderness  Survival: Poisonous Plants”
“Wilderness  Survival: Poisonous Plants Pictures”
“Mosquito Repellent Plants” repellent-plants.html



Online Resources – Wilderness and Pollinators



Title of Web site/page URL
“Chicago Wilderness Magazine: Prairies, Woodlands, Wetlands”
“Chicago Wilderness Magazine”
“U.S. EPA Wetlands”
“U.S. EPA Wetlands Prairie  Potholes”
“U.S. EPA Great Lakes Greenacres: Landscaping with Native Plants” ml
“U.S. EPA Great Lakes Greenacres: Landscaping with Native Plants: Weedlaws: The John Marshall Law Review” ml
“Prairie: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”
“Grassland: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”
“The  Nature Conservancy Grassland & PrairiesLand Conservation” lands/index.htm
“The  Nature Conservancy Forest Conservation” ts/index.htm
“The  North American Prairies” G235/biomes/tempgrass/prairie
“EcoC2S Pollination & Pollinators” n
“EcoC2S Positive Agricultural Paradigms [Pollination & Pollinators; Native Vegetation Information & Plant Sources  (Seeds and Plant Nurseries); Food Not Lawns;  Edible  Perennials; Edible  & Medicinal Plants; Bio(logical)diversity; Agroforestry; Soil Ecology & Composting; etc.]”



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  1. This was so refreshing and so simple to follow. I did everything you said You have changed my life, and I am incredibly thankful. Elisa G.

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