Homebrew Temporary lightning arrestor



In the past I have just used spark plugs too.

How it works:
Once the air has ionized, it becomes a conductor. And the dielectric breakdown of the air makes it a conductor and will pass the static charge/lightning strike to ground. Its kind of a one shot deal and it’s better than nothing. Its mostly for the static build up on the wire in the storm. Sharpened bolt would be better
Breakdown Voltage/Dielectric Strength:
The breakdown voltage for a substance or dielectric is the minimum voltage or potential difference between two ends of a substance required to cause an electric breakdown.
Dielectric Strength of a substance is the total potential difference between the two points of a substance per unit thickness of the medium; up to which the substance can withstand the electric field or up to which no Electric breakdown occurs in the substance. The dielectric strength is given by the potential gradient necessary to cause breakdown of an insulator or substance.
The standard unit of Dielectric Strength is Volt per Meter ( V/M ), a unit which is mostly used is kiloVolt per millimeter (kV/mm).
Dielectric Strength of Air:
The dielectric strength of Air is 3kV/mm, Which means that is two electrodes are placed one millimeter away from each other in air, then the air normally acts as a Insulator until the voltage between the electrodes reaches 3 kilovolts or 3000 volts, after which the air starts behaving as a good conductor which causes sparks and fire.

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