Harbor Freight Powder Coating MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)

I have been doing a lot of research into power coating.  Below is some of the information I found form various bullet casting forums. Here is some of the info I found.


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I was looking at a MSDS, and most of the opaque colors have titanium dioxide which could be abrasive.

Titanium dioxide pigments are harder and more abrasive than most other additives used in plastics applications.”

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is widely used as a white pigment in many products including toothpaste, cosmetics, sunscreens, paints, pharmaceuticals, and foods.

The issue remains the TiO2, which is also an abrasive. It won’t cause wear in 1000 rounds. It does not appear to be any more abrasive than copper on the hardness charts. Whether the micro particulate form of the TiO2 will cause problems over 100K rounds more than the same kind of fricative wearing that high friction copper jackets cause.. unknown.


I will not be using the black unless I want to fire lap my barrel.

THE BLACK!!!!! It has two abrasives, the silica (MATTING)( MB 55 & MB 68)  and CARBON BLACK (Colorant). Carbon Black is an abrasive.

  • Fire lap the barrel – This is probably the easiest method of all for polishing a bore.

Fire lapping involves imbedding different grits of lapping compound into bullets and firing them down the barrel at a very moderate velocity.  I use lead bullets for handguns, and copper-jacketed bullets for rifles.  The fire lapping process accomplishes a number of positive things:

  • Smoothes the barrel and removes pits and burrs
  • Removes tight spots
  • Slightly tapers the barrel from forcing cone to muzzle. This taper keeps the bullet tightly sealed against the lands and grooves as it travels down the bore.





Black-Powder-Coat-MSDS Red-Powder-Coat-MSDS White-Powder-Coat-MSDS Yellow-Powder-Coat-MSDS





MB-68 Product Description

Low-gloss curing agent MB-68(also known as Hardener MB68)is a salt of organic polycaroxilic acid with a cyclic amidine.
1. Characteristics
Appearance: Fine powder(white)
Melting Range: 210~230º C
Purity: ? 99.5%
2. Application
Low-gloss curing agent MB-68 for epoxy resins and epoxy polyester hybrid powder coatings is used to achieve coatings with matt surface having excellent mechanical quality and wonderful reappearance.




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  1. Hello,
    Wanted to comment on the carbon black.
    Carbon black is used in fireworks and solid rocket propellant as a burn modifier to help with control of the burn rate of the motor grains in composite rockets and special fuses in combination shells as well as color enhancement. As a possible abrasive, the powder granular size is too fine to be used for that.
    It’s similar to air float charcoal.
    Titanium dioxide could be an abrasive but embedded in the epoxy coating, and that the majority of the coating is intact after leaving the barrel, would bring to mind that it is also safe to use.
    Hope this helps.

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