Refugee Bags: A Controversial Topic


Refugee Bags: A Controversial Topic.

“Why is the default thought that I should give my hard earned prepps away?”

So what’s the problem (other than room, I guess) with stocking up when with packages that can be handed out in a crisis for what you paid? So long as you weren’t profiteering. for three to five dollars, you could have a pretty useful short term survival handout for one person? So why should I feel obligated to hand that package over to somebody who ain’t destitute for free?

Then, when SHTF is over, you take the money you got for the packets out of the little can you put it in and go replace the stuff.

it’s hard to imagine anybody showing up at MY door who’s worse off than I am already. For them to ask me to not only provide, but to provide on my dime is not particularly noble of them. They never took me on the Vacations with them, or spent money on my and my entertainment. Now they want me to make up for their shortcomings out of my pocket. If that makes me a bad guy that’s ok because my wife and I will have full bellies.

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  1. Hello, everyone has an opinion and I respect yours. I have seen a couple of movies where they try to give free food then those people come back with more people and take it away from you. A year back I told my friends I was couponing and preparing myself for SHFT and they said oh we will come to you because your going to be prepared and Yes, like you said why should I give it to them free. They can prepare too. Now, I told them that I am not prepping anymore but I am jijij.

    1. I agree. By thoughts are to trade or sell them away from my home or camp. There will always be a place where people gather.

    1. I made them. they are just vacuum sealer bags. You could put any dehydrated food in them .

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