Baofeng Radio TNC Packet Radio cable


I hade to make the Baofeng radio to TNC /Sound Card cable because the Baofeng is designed to key up the radio when the Grounds of the Speaker and microphone are shorted. This presented a problem when using a USB sound card for a interface. the universal ground what shorting the two leads. so we need to make a ground loop isolator and set the radio to VOX. not it words for the SVXLink on the Raspberry Pi Repeater / Echolink Node.

Here is what you need. from Amazon
Baofeng UV5R Radio

BOSS Audio B25N Ground Loop Isolator Noise Filter

100 Pcs 4 x 5mm 10uF 25V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

350V 1/2W 10K Ohm 5% Axial Carbon Film Resistors 500 Pcs

Baofeng BF-S112 Two Way Radio Speaker

USB External Sound Card Audio Adapter (New 7.1 Channel)

Vanco P35STGX 3.5 Millimeter Male Stereo Plug with Strain Relief (Pack of 5)

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  1. Where are the links for the missing svxlink files. In you’re echolink node vids you are speaking about certain files. Config files . Something about just edit you’re callsing.

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