Crock-Pot Fermenting Yogurt From Probiotic Capsules

Crock-Pot Fermenting Yogurt From Probiotic Capsules


Back when I was having my teeth done. The dentist had me on clindamycin. I made sure to take probiotics during for 2 months after treatment. So my gut would be colonized with the right kind of bacteria to knock down the chance of me getting C-Diff.

Now I store probiotics with all my meds both live cultures and the other kind. I even use the live culture to make yogurt. I know after a few generation it would convert back to the strongest probiotic bacteria. But we are talking 1 crock pot of yogurt per pill.

It really extends the pills/supply’s.


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  1. Wow with this info I would never need to by antibiotics form the scammers on line. this would give great health.

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